Thank you for choosing Achieve3000®, the leader in differentiated instruction. Achieve3000’s solutions—including KidBiz3000®, TeenBiz3000®, Empower3000™, and Spark3000®—provide research-proven tools that help teachers improve their students’ core literacy skills and content-area knowledge.

Using the Student Edition, students can engage in a number of literacy experiences, from reading and responding to text (through multiple-choice questions or discussion prompts) to a more comprehensive, 5-Step Literacy Routine that improves vocabulary, comprehension, and reading fluency as well as writing skills. In all of these literacy experiences, students receive reading materials and follow-up activities that are precisely matched to their learning abilities, and are based on best practices that have evolved out of decades of reading research.   

Using the Teacher’s Edition, you can gain insight into your students’ literacy skills and quickly adjust instruction and program supports to help all of your students achieve their greatest potential. Every assignment that students complete is tracked in the Teacher’s Edition, where you can access a robust reporting system that reports on program use, mastery of your state standards and the Common Core State Standards, and even the performance of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) subgroups.

In addition, our Home Edition opens new lines of communication with parents and guardians by providing caregivers with a real-time picture of their children’s literacy progress along with tools to help them become more informed and involved. The Home Edition includes access to the 5-Step Literacy Routine, Conversation Guides to spark discussions about real-world topics, and targeted reporting tools.

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