Accessing Reports

 Achieve3000 captures and tracks all student submissions and activity on the site. Teachers and administrators can access these materials by opening the menu (≡) and selecting Student Work, Usage, Performance, Assessment or Home Communications from the Reports section.  School and district level reports allow leaders to view school and system-wide data for all reports.

Teachers and administrators can access several types of reports:

  • Student Work- teachers can see a list of work submitted by each student.  That work can be reviewed, graded, and comments can be sent to students.
  • Usage Reports- teachers can review reports that are centered around how students are using the system.  These should be reviewed regularly to make sure that students are using the system with fidelity and that they are engaging in enough content to see the highest gains in reading skills.  
  • Performance Reports-  these reports show students' Lexile gains throughout the year, forecast their performance on the state exam, track mastery of learning standards, and help track their readiness for college and career.  
  • Assessment Reports – these reports provide insights into students who have not yet taken LevelSet and students with decreasing Lexile levels. 
  • Home Communications – these reports allow teachers to prepare letters for parents and guardians about their students’ work in Achieve3000 and offer them access to a home edition of Achieve3000. 
In all reports, students who are on track for college and career readiness will have an icon next to their name.  "On Track" is determined by matching a student's grade and current Lexile score to the chart below.  Students falling in the "Meets" category or "Exceeds" category are considered on track for college and career readiness.