Student Work

Achieve3000 saves all student work for teachers to review at their leisure. You can access student work from the Admin section of the Teacher’s Edition.

  • All student work is associated to the class the student was in when the work was completed. You can view work completed in other classes by changing the options on the report page.
  • Teachers can view any Student Work report that provides Lexile information to see if their students are on track for college and career readiness. Student readiness is based on the student’s current Lexile level. A college and career readiness icon appears next to the user name for students whose Lexile level falls within on-track performance standards. A Lexile level goal range will appear as a rollover when you hover over the Lexile data.
To access student work:
  1. Log in to your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition. 
  2. Click Admin at the top of the screen. 
  3. Click the + sign to expand Student Work.
  4. Select the type of work you wish to review.  For example, to review work linked to a Featured Article, select My Lessons and choose the type of work from the options provided.  To access work completed as part of a Unit, select one of the options in the Unit drop down. 
  5. The page that appears has a series of drop-down boxes. Use the drop-down boxes to customize your report, if desired.  
  6. Click View Report.
  7. A list of activities appears on the screen. By default, the activities are sorted by the ones that were completed most recently. Click the appropriate header to sort the activities by user name, article title, speed, or time.
  8. Click the title of the Article to view the details about the student’s completed work.
  9. If desired, type a grade and comment in the Grade and Comment boxes.
  10. Leave the Email comment to student checkbox checked if you would like to send a copy of the comment to the student via email.
  11. Click Save and Close.