KidBiz3000, TeenBiz3000, and Empower3000 include school, state, and national scoreboards that display key metrics for all program users.
  • The Top Scorer scoreboard on the homepage celebrates the student in the school who earned the most points the previous day. The Top Scorer scoreboard includes the student's avatar, initials, grade, and points total for the date indicated.
  • From the Top Scorer scoreboard on the homepage, click Scoreboard to view school, state, and national scoreboards and stats.
  • The School Stats tab displays the total number of multiple-choice activities all students in the school have completed, a list of the Highest Scoring Classes, and a list of students who have recently met the 40-activity goal.
  • The School, State, and National tabs display the daily and weekly student contest winners.
    • August through second week of June, the student in each program who earns the most points each day and each week is awarded bonus points and a High Scorer achievement.
    • National weekly high scorers also win different prizes.
    • An email notification is also sent to the parent/guardian, teacher, and school administrator for all daily and weekly school, state, and national top scorers.
NOTE: Contest winners are not determined until after midnight in each time zone, so that all students have the same opportunity to compete each day and each week, regardless of whether they are on the East Coast or in Hawaii.