Fluency assessment

Once a month Achieve3000 posts a story that can be used to assess students’ oral reading fluency. The system times each student’s reading, and we recommend that teachers score the student’s oral reading using the online scoring system and the fluency rubric that is provided with the story.

For most effective assessment, we recommend structuring the fluency assessment as follows:

  1. Schedule a time with each of your students individually:
  2. Print a copy of the fluency rubric that is provided with the story. During your time with the student, listen to him read the story aloud. As the student reads:
  • Use the timer embedded within the story to time the reading.
  • Mark down the number of words read incorrectly.
  • Use the rubric to rate the student’s accuracy, phrasing, smoothness, and pace.
  1. After the student has read, score his work in the Read Aloud report in the Teacher’s Edition.
  2. After you’ve scored student fluency, refer to the following generally accepted norms for oral reading fluency. (WCPM stands for Words Correct Per Minute.)
 Grade  Fall (WCPM)  Winter (WCPM)  Spring (WCPM)
 1   10-30       
 2  30-60  50-80  70-100
 3  50-90  70-100  80-110
 4  70-110  80-120  100-140
 5  80-120 100-140
 6  100-140  110-150  120-160
 7  110-150  120-160  130-170
 8  120-160  130-170  140-180