Completing a fluency assignment

Achieve3000 has provided a number of articles that can be used to assess students’ oral reading fluency.  These can be found using the Search feature.  All Read Aloud articles can be assigned to students and provide a list of corresponding state and/or Common Core State Standards.

  1. Click Search at the top of the screen.
  2. Expand the Advanced Options section.
  3. Expand Topics.
  4. Select News from the dropdown.
  5. Then, select Read Aloud from the dropdown that appears
  6. Click Search. A list of all the Read Aloud articles will appear.
  7. To view the article, click the title of a story. Student instructions will appear on the popup screen.
  8. When students are ready to start reading, click Start.
  9. When they are finished reading, click Stop. The system automatically records the time it took the student to read the story.
  10. You can also assign this article to students by clicking Assign from the Search results screen. A list of the standards that apply to this article are also provided by clicking the designated link.
You can also visit the Learning Center for activities that provide students with opportunities to practice the different traits of fluency: accuracy, flow, pace, and phrasing.