Program Work

Parents/guardians can review work that their children have submitted to their teachers. 
  1. From the Home Edition main page, click Admin at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the + sign to expand Program Work.
  3. Locate the program area and use the drop down provided to select the desired activity type.  
  4. The page that appears has a series of drop-down boxes. Use them to customize your report as desired.
  5. Click View Report.
  6. A list of activities appears on the screen. By default, the activities are sorted by the ones that were completed most recently. Click the appropriate header to sort the activities by User Name, Activity name, or Date, or Class Completed.
  7. Click the title of an Activity to review the actual test items. This will show you which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly.
  8. To export the report into an Excel spreadsheet, click Export to Excel at the top of the screen. If you are prompted to open or save, click the desired option.
  9. To print the report, click Send to Printer at the top of the screen.