Initial Setup

Each teacher and student needs a unique username and password to use the system. This login information is the system’s method of identifying the user; it tells Achieve3000 who the user is, what city and district he is in, what standards he needs to cover, what his Lexile level is, which other students he is able to e-mail, etc. There are two ways to create the usernames and passwords:

  1. Achieve3000 creates permanent logins: Before the beginning of the implementation, Achieve3000 uploads student rosters into the system and assigns a unique username and password to each child. Then, during the initial professional development session, the teachers work off of their class rosters and assign their students to their classes.  

  2. Students create their own permanent logins: Achieve3000 creates usernames and passwords for teachers only. During the initial professional development session, each teacher creates one temporary login and password for all of her students to use the first time they login. When students use this temporary login, they are prompted to create their own personal and permanent usernames and passwords.*  

Permanent logins are appropriate when student rosters are available in advance of the professional development session. This option allows teachers to manage ALL of the setup, without leaving any of the work for their students.

Temporary logins are advantageous when student rosters are incomplete or unavailable at the time of the training session. It allows teachers to implement the Solution on the first day of classes, even if enrollment is not definite at the time of the training. School staff can determine their setup method of choice.
* Students are prevented from changing their passwords to inappropriate words.



  • Class Setup
  • Temporary Logins