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Class setup

If Achieve3000 receives your class rosters in advance of your school’s training session, Achieve3000 can create permanent logins for your students. It is up to the teachers to organize the students into classes. The class organization determines whom students can e-mail and whose data you are able to access. We encourage you to set up your classes before your students begin using the system. 

1.      Log in to your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition. 

2.      Click Admin at the top of the screen. 

3.      Click on the + sign to expand User Administration.  

4.      You will either see Launch Setup Wizard or a list of options.

5.      If you only see Launch Setup Wizard, click the link and follow these steps. If you see a list of options,click Add users to my class

6.      If the class that you would like to set up appears on the list, select it and click Next. Otherwise click Create New Class

7.      Type in or confirm the information that appears. All fields with asterisks are required.  

  • Select the box titled KidBiz/TeenBiz homeroom to set this class as the primary class for the students associated to it. When students log in, it will be assumed that this is the class they are logging into unless they specify otherwise.
  •  Change the Dual Language* dropdown to English/Spanish if you have students in your class who are using both the English and Spanish program. 

8.      Click Next

9.    If you're working with a new class or a class with less than five students, the next screen offers two choices. Click Create Permanent Logins.  

10.  Your class list appears. 

a. To add teachers or students to your class, click Add **.

b. To remove student/s from your class, select the student/s and click Remove
c. If you are satisfied with your class list, click Next.
d. If you are adding teachers or students to your class, the system asks you to try locating the user with the Browse or Search utilities.
e. To use the Browse utility, simply select the student from the list on the left-hand side of the page. Then click Add to Class. By default, the All Recent Users tab is displayed. This tab shows users from this year and last year. For most schools, this is the preferred view since it allows teachers to browse new users as well as those who were loaded last year. If desired, click the Current Users Only tab to see only users who were loaded this year. This is an easy way to view a SMALLER list of students which does not include last year’s users.
f. To use the Search utility, type as much information as you can about the teacher or student. Then click Find User. The results appear at the bottom of the screen. (Note that the Search utility searches the entire universe of users, past and present.) Locate the student and click Add to Class.
11. If you cannot locate your student, click Create New Users at the bottom of the screen. Enter the information about each new user. When you are done, click Save Changes and Close at the bottom of the screen.

12.  When you have finished adding users, click Return to Class List.  

13.  Review your class list and click Next.  

14.  Confirm that your class list is correct. Edit reading/grade levels, passwords, and spelling of personal information. When you are done, click Finish.
15.  Click the Print Class List to print a copy of your new list, if desired. If you would like to work with another class, click Set Up Another Class. Otherwise, click Close.
*Achieve3000 now offers several language options to all subscribers. To set a student to receive the Full Spanish or Spanish Support version of KidBiz/TeenBiz, change the Language drop-down   list to the right of the student’s name to Full Spanish, Spanish Support, or Haitian-Creole Support
**If your class is a Dual Language class, all students who have been added will automatically be selected as Dual Language users. To exclude students from the dual language functionality, uncheck the Dual checkbox to the right of the student’s name.