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Temporary logins

  1. Log into your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition.

  2. Click Admin at the top of the screen.  

  3. Click on the + sign to expand User Administration.

  4. You will either see Launch Setup Wizard or a list of options.

  5. If you only see Launch Setup Wizard, click on the link and follow these steps. If you see a list of options, click Create a new class.

  6. Type in or confirm the information that appears. All fields with asterisks are required.

    • Select the box titled KidBiz/TeenBiz homeroom to set this class as the primary class for the students associated to it. When students log in, it will be assumed that this is the class they are logging into unless they specify otherwise.

    • Change the Dual Language dropdown to English/Spanish if you have students in your class who are using both the English and Spanish program. 

  7. Click Next.

  8. If you are working with a new class or a class with less than five students, the next screen offers two choices. Click Create Temporary Logins.

  9. Type in a temporary password, as well as the maximum number of students expected in the class. Provide a high estimate if you’re unsure. Then click Next.
  10. The system creates a temporary username and password for your students. The first time your students log in, you should have ALL of them log in with this temporary username and password. 
  11. To print up out instructions that will help your students create their permanent usernames and passwords, click Student Instructions.

    If your class is a Dual Language class, all students who use the temporary usernames and passwords will be set up as Dual Language users. This means that if they select this class when logging in, they will be shown the Spanish version of KidBiz/TeenBiz.

  12. If you would like to work with another class, click Set Up Another Class. Otherwise, click Finish.