LevelSet Assessment

Students start their experience with Achieve3000 by taking LevelSetTM, an online reading placement test. This summative assessment results in a Lexile score for each student. Lexile scores are similar to thermometer readings (see the image below).  Scores below zero are reported with a BR preceeding the number (i.e. BR200L).   The scores are applied immediately to each student’s profile so they receive reading passages that are precisely and scientifically matched to their individual reading abilities.

LevelSet displays automatically the first time students log in. It is semi-adaptive and includes approximately 35 questions. Most students will complete the test in one 40-minute period.

LevelSet is only available during school hours, as determined by the Supervised Student Work Time setting. Students cannot use the program during school hours until they finish taking LevelSet. Once they have completed the test, students are able to explore the content and begin instruction. If they log in after school before they finish the test, they can begin to explore the content.

Achieve3000 recommends administering LevelSet three times per year. Teachers can change the test settings, such as the times it is available for their classes via the Teacher's Edition, as well as adjust the assigned reading level immediately following the testing session.

Students using the Dual Language setting enabled will receive two assessments during each testing period, one in English and one in Spanish. They should take the assessment in their native language first, then their secondary language.  

For more information about the LevelSet assessment, review the LevelSet FAQ and visit the Achieve3000 Hub.  After selecting your product and role, choose the Getting Started tab.