Administering LevelSet

The LevelSet assessment identifies your students' reading abilities and places them in non-fiction content that is appropriate for their abilities.  As their skills get stronger, the complexity of content is increased, allowing them to continue to strengthen their reading skills 

An accurate score on the LevelSet assessment is critical to the initial match between students and content.  As you prepare to administer LevelSet, be sure to help them understand the importance of the test, how their results will be used, and what they can do to prepare for the test. Use this student video to help students get ready for the test.  Also, consider reading these directions to your students.

Looking for more information about LevelSet? Review one of the following LevelSet guides:  Teacher User Guide, School Administrator User Guide, or District Administrator User Guide or visit the Achieve3000 Hub.  After selecting your product and role, select the Getting Started tab.