Adding/Editing Users

**Note:  If your school/district is uploading or syncing data from your Student Information System, some of these options may not be available to you.   Please consult your administrator with questions about your data management plan.**

Each student, teacher, and administrator needs a unique username and password to use the system. 
This login information is the system’s method of identifying the user. It tells Achieve3000 who the user is, the user’s state and district, and the user’s activity in the program. Student logins help the system identify which state standards the student needs to cover, which content to deliver based on the student’s Lexile level, and more.

To maintain system security and to protect student data, we recommend that you create a strong password that has at least eight characters and that uses a combination of letters and numbers. For example, Turtles42 is an example of a strong password.

For additional information on adding and editing users, be sure to visit the Achieve3000 Hub.  After selecting your product and role, select the Getting Started tab.

Adding User Information

There are two ways to create usernames and passwords:

  1. Achieve3000 creates permanent logins: Before the beginning of the implementation, Achieve3000 uploads student rosters into the system and assigns a unique username and password to each student. Then, during the initial professional development session, teachers work off of their class rosters and assign their students to their classes. Permanent logins are appropriate when student rosters are available in advance of the professional development session. This option allows teachers to manage ALL of the class setup,  including assigning permissions and scaffolds to students as needed.
  2. Teachers create logins: Achieve3000 creates usernames and passwords for teachers only. During the initial professional development session, each teacher creates one login and password for each of her students. 
To Manually Create Users:
  1. Log in to your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition.
  2. Click Admin Settings under your name at the top of the screen. (Note: Administrators may be prompted to select their district and school. Click Submit.)
  3. Expand the User Admin section.
  4. Select Add Users to My Class.  The Setup Wizard will open in separate window.
  5. From the list provided, select the class you wish to add this student to and click Next.  (If needed, you can select the option to Create a New Class and follow the prompts).
  6. You will see a list of the student already assigned to this class.  Click Add to the right to add a new student or teacher to the class.
  7. To create a new student account, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Create New Users.
  8. Enter the information for the new student or teacher in the first row of the table.  Be sure to select the correct options for Scaffolds and Language as needed.  
  9. If you need to add additional students or teachers, fill in additional rows as appropriate.  When finished adding all students and teachers to this class, scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes and Close.
  10. A confirmation message will appear.  This alerts you to the fact that the users will not be added to your class until you complete the remaining steps in the Setup Wizard and click Finish.  Click OK to continue the process.
  11. The user has been added to your class.  Click Return to Class at the top of the page.
  12. You can now see the roster for this class.  Click Next to continue.
  13. Verify the information for each student in the class.  Make changes as needed.  
  14. Click Finish.
  15. Print class list as needed using the link on the page.
Editing User Information

Teachers and administrators can edit student, teacher, and parent information.

  1. Log in to your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition.
  2. Click Admin Settings under your name at the top of the screen. (Note: Administrators may be prompted to select their district and school. Click Submit.)
  3. Expand the User Admin section. 
  4. Click Edit student and teacher or parent information.
  5. Select a class and click Submit. Your class list appears on the screen. (Note: When editing parent information, you will bypass this screen.)
  6. To edit an individual student’s profile, a teacher’s profile, or a parent’s profile, position your cursor in any available field to the right of the user whose profile you want to edit. Then make any of the following changes:
    • Change the times for LevelSet delivery in the Supervised Student Work Time Start Time and End Time columns.
    • Change a student’s email privileges by selecting any of the options in the Peer-to-Peer Email column.
    • Disable or enable avatar selection and games during school by checking or unchecking the Avatars/Games during School checkbox.
    • Disable or enable videos during school by checking or unchecking the Videos during School checkbox.
    • Verify the audio settings for each student. There are a number of options that control access to the audio support tools.  Select the option that best meets your classroom situation.  Note:  You will want to make sure that your students have access to headphones while using the audio tools.
    • Check the settings for the highlighting toolbar.  By default, this is turned on for your students.  To turn it off, uncheck the box.
    • Assign an Achieve3000 solution by making a selection in the Scaffolds column to the right of each user. You must select Language in order to select a Language for each user in the last column. Change the Language field to English, Full Spanish, Haitian-Creole Support, or Spanish Support.
    • To change the login name, password, first name, last name, pen name, student ID, Lexile level, math level, text size, or assessment grade level, click on the student's user name. (Note: Student reading levels can be edited only during the three weeks following LevelSet administration.)
  7. Make the desired edits, and click Save Changes.