Identifying Invalid LevelSet Assessments

Sometimes test conditions or other circumstances result in students receiving invalid scores. For example, a student may not have been attending to the test or may have received assistance during testing. An invalid Lexile score can result in an incorrect placement in the program.

Teachers receive a homepage alert as students complete LevelSet. The alert contains information on student results that have been identified as potentially invalid. These include: 

  • Test responses are patterned (i.e. A, A, A, A or A, B, A, B)
  • Test completed too quickly or too slowly
The Possibly Invalid LevelSet Administrations report allows teachers to see if any of their students completed LevelSet in a potentially invalid way. The teacher should have a conversation with the student to ensure an honest good faith effort was made on the test. If you believe the score to be invalid, you can wait for the system to conduct the monthly review, you can manually adjust the level, or you can contact Customer Support and request a re-administration of LevelSet for that student (Note: LevelSet re-administrations are limited to once per student per testing cycle). Preparing students and the test environment for the LevelSet assessment will reduce the number of students with potentially invalid scores.
For three weeks following LevelSet, teachers can manually adjust the student’s Lexile level on the individual Student profile screen. Please note that a manual adjustment is less accurate than a system adjustment. 

In addition, teachers should review all students’ LevelSet scores to be sure that they “match” what is known about each student’s reading ability. If you notice LevelSet scores that are much higher or lower than what you believe they should be, you can wait for the system to review multiple choice activity scores and adjust the Lexile level automatically or you can manually adjust the level within the first three weeks following the assessment.

Addressing Potentially Invalid Assessments

As students complete the LevelSet assessment, teachers are alerted through a message on the home page (in the Key Insights section).  If the system identifies potentially invalid test results, there will be a special note in the LevelSet alert with a link to review the results. There are three ways to handle these results:

  1. Wait for the system to correct for invalid administrations - The system monitors student performance each month using performance on activities. If a student’s performance on activities is consistently very high or very low, the system corrects his Lexile level up or down. (NOTE: Students must complete at least four activities in order for the system to review Lexile levels. Stretch and some Challenge activities do not count towards the activity totals.
  2. Re-administer - LevelSet may be re-administered only to students with potentially invalid scores and only once per testing occasion. Confirm the invalid results from the report, then choose the option to readminister the assessment. To request assistance with the readministration process, contact Achieve3000 Customer Support at 877-235-2525.
  3. Manually adjust the student’s Lexile level - Teachers must adjust Lexile levels within three weeks of LevelSet administration. To adjust a students Lexile score, select Admin and choose User Administration. Access the student's academic profile and type in the new Lexile level for the students.  Be sure to select a level that is appropriate for informational text.