Reviewing Initial Activity Results

After your students have completed several Activities, you should check their performance to confirm that they are working within their target instructional zone. Students should score between 75% and 90%, on average, on the first few Activities. Scores in this range confirm that the student has been placed properly in the reading level. A score consistently below 75% may indicate that the Lexile placement was too high and the content may be too frustrating; a score consistently above 90% may indicate that the Lexile placement was too low and the content may not be challenging enough.

Keep in mind that results from Activities related to the leveled Articles completed within the Supervised Student Work Time window are used to measure Lexile growth throughout the school year. Activities related to Stretch and some Challenge Lessons are not included.

  1. Log into your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition. 
  2. Open the menu (≡).
  3. Under Reports, click Student Work
  4. To the right of My Lessons, select Activities. 
  5. The page that appears has a series of drop-down boxes. Use the drop-down boxes to customize your report, if desired.  
  6. Click View Report.  
  7. A list of users appears, grouped by class, grade, and/or school. If your results are summarized, click the + sign to expand your results.
  8. A list of Activities appears on the screen. By default, the Activities are sorted by the ones that were completed most recently.                                           NOTEActivities that were completed too quickly, too slowly, or with a patterned response may be flagged as invalid.  Invalid multiple choice activities are indicated on this report with a superscript notation.
  9. Scan the First Try Activity scores. Look for scores between 75% and 90%, on average, for the first few Activities. 
  10. To export the report into an Excel spreadsheet, click Export to Excel at the top of the screen. If you are prompted to open or save, click the desired option.  
  11. To print the report, click Send to Printer at the top of the screen.