Reviewing LevelSet scores

LevelSet measures students’ abilities to comprehend non-fiction, informational passages.  After your students have taken LevelSet, you should check their Lexile scores to be sure they are consistent with what is known about their reading abilities. When you review your students’ scores, look for results that match what you know about the student. A LevelSet test result that is lower or higher than other tests does not necessarily indicate an invalid administration. Taking time to prepare students and the assessment environment to facilitate students’ best efforts will help ensure valid Lexile scores. 

As soon as one student in any of your classes finishes LevelSet, the Key Insights section will display an alert with the following message: LevelSet scores are available! This message remains available as long as any student in any of your classes has taken LevelSet within the past three weeks. Click More to see a popup with explanatory text. This message is a reminder to check your students’ LevelSet scores and act upon any that don’t match what you know about students’ reading abilities.  Click the ‘click here’ text to see LevelSet results report. 

Note: This alert may also contain information on possible invalid test results and students who are scoring at the lower ranges of the Lexile scale. For more information, go to Identifying Invalid LevelSet Assessments or to Identifying Developing Readers. 

You can review your students’ test scores using the report at any time:

  1. Log into your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition.
  2. Open the menu ≡.
  3. Under Reports, click on Performance.
  4. Click How has Lexile performance changed over time?
  5. Use the drop-down boxes provided to customize your report, if desired.
  6. Click View Report.
  7. A list of users appears, grouped by class, grade, and/or school. If your results are summarized, click the + sign to expand your results.
  8. Scan the test scores. Look for test results that are consistent with what you know about your students’ reading abilities. The report includes Lexiles below 0L, which have a BR designation before the number,  to help you see any incremental progress that your most struggling students are making. BR numbers will appear in the Teacher’s Edition reports, but not in any student or parent reports.

Students must complete the LevelSet assessment before accessing any content on the Achieve3000 system.  Follow these steps to identify students who have not yet taken the test and, if necessary, to remove them from your class or school roster.

  1. Log into your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition. 
  2. Open the menu ≡.
  3. Under Reports, click on Assessment.
  4. Select a school and/or class, if prompted.  
  5. A list of users appears, grouped by grade and/or school. 
  6. To remove a student from your school or class, check the name of the student and click Remove from Class or Remove from School at the bottom of the screen.