Identifying Developing Readers

Students who are categorized as Developing Readers have scored below 50L on LevelSet or, if enrolled in the Intervention or Language scaffolds, have scored at or below 150L. If you have any students who meet this criteria, you can review the report by clicking the link in the homepage alert or by opening the menu (≡), then choosing Assessment from the Reports section.  Review the list of students in this report.  If you feel that the information does not match the student’s reading abilities, you can re-administer LevelSet. 

NOTE:  Students who are categorized as Developing Readers need continued practice at their current Lexile level and may need assistance completing the multiple choice activities that are part of each lesson.  Their Lexile Levels are not automatically adjusted at the end of each month.  These students will receive content at this specific Lexile Level until they take another LevelSet assessment, either the interim or post test.  These students are identified on all reports with a yellow triangle icon.