Monthly Lexile Adjustments

After the initial LevelSet assessment, the system monitors student Lexile gains throughout the school year using their performance on Activities. At the end of the month, the system will review scores from the Activities completed by the student and will adjust the Lexile level, if needed. It’s possible that a student is working at her “just right reading level” and an adjustment does not need to be made. Please note the following conditions:

  • Student must complete a minimum of four 8-item activities since her last adjustment. If student was manually adjusted, eight 8-item activities and four weeks are required before an auto-adjustment will occur.
  • Student must score 75% or higher on the activity. If student scored below 75%, the activity is included only if it meets the following criteria:
    • Activity was completed in no less than 2 and no more than 13 minutes (26 minutes if the intervention scaffolds are enabled).
    • The answers must not be patterned (e.g., A,B,A,B,A,B,A,B).
  • Student cannot be a Developing Reader.
  • Student must be associated to, and active in, an active class at the time of adjustment.
  • Student must have completed LevelSet in the same language as the activity.
  • Student must complete activities on school days during Supervised Student Work Time (SSWT). The system excludes all activities completed outside of SSWT window, even if valid.

Monitoring Progress

Teachers can monitor student performance on Activities at any time using the Student Work report by opening the Menu ≡, and selecting Student Work under Reports. A home page alert (in the Key Insights section) will display for teachers one week prior to the monthly Lexile review. Once the review has been completed, the Home Page alert will provide information on the students who have been affected. This alert provides a link to the How has Lexile performance changed over time? report where you can review the most recent Lexile information on the students in your class(es).

Developing Readers

Students who have been identified as Developing Readers will not be included in these automatic Lexile adjustments.  Developing Readers have scored below 50L on LevelSet or, if enrolled in the Intervention or Language solutions, have scored at or below 150L. Students in this category need continued practice at their current Lexile level and may need assistance completing the multiple-choice activities that are part of each lesson.  

Decreasing Lexiles

In some cases, students may show a decrease in Lexile score following the system review of Activities. If this occurs, the Home Page alert will display and direct teachers to review the scores for students whose Lexile measures decrease more than what is allowed for measurement error. This gives teachers the opportunity of accepting the decreased Lexile level or overriding the score decrease and keeping the Lexile level the same as the previous month.

  1. From the Teacher’s Home page, click the home page alert (in the Key Insights section) that states Lexile scores are available for your review.
  2. A pop-up will open with a link to adjustment information. If there are scores that need your immediate attention, you will see a link in the pop-up.  Select Click hereto see the decreasing Lexile information.
  3. A list of students will appear along with the previous and suggested new Lexile level. To accept the new Lexile Levels, place a check mark in the box on the right for each student and click Accept New Lexiles. Note that accepting the lower Lexile score for a student will decrease the difficulty of the content that the student received from the Achieve3000 system.
  4. Click OK on the confirmation pop-up to complete the adjustment. Click Cancel if you do not want to adjust the Lexile level for this student.

NOTE:  If students’ Lexile scores consistently decrease beyond allowable limits, a follow-up conversation may be warranted to ensure they are taking the activities seriously.