Locating Student Features

There are a great many resources provided to help students engage in the Lesson content, strengthen essential literacy skills, and interact with more rigorous text.  The chart below highlights the most common features and their location.

Feature        Location
The 5-Step Literacy RoutineThe 5-Step Literacy Routine is a simple approach that supports students with the development of the skills they need for success in college and career, including the reading of complex texts independently.  Each step reinforces specific literacy skills and standards.  These steps are presented as tabs on the Lesson page.  For more information on the 5-Step Literacy Routine, review this document to see how teachers can support students as they move through the routine.  You can also print these cards for students to help them as they work through the 5- Step Literacy Routine.  You can also visit the Achieve3000 Hub.  After selecting your product and role, select the Getting Started tab to learn more about the 5-Step Literacy Routine.
SearchSearch can be accessed by clicking the link at the top of any page within the Student Edition. Search allows students to locate additional lessons of interest that correspond to a specific theme or topic.
Resources for Special Learning NeedsFor schools that are using scaffolds, students can receive specific tools and materials that assist them as they move through the 5-Step Literacy Routine. These can include audio support for the Article, numbered steps for the Routine, and Vocabulary and Concept previews.  These are linked to the relevant area of the content, mostly on the Lesson page.
Lesson VocabularyEach lesson highlights specific vocabulary, which will differ based on the reading level of the article.  When viewing the Lesson, the vocabulary is provided in the Supporting Resources section of the Lesson page.
Lesson ScheduleStudents can easily see the specific Lessons scheduled by their teachers.  Access My Lessons from the top of any page within the Student Edition to see the current schedule.  Note that students cannot preview content that is scheduled for a future date.
Lesson Progress, Activities Completed, etc.As students move through the 5-Step Literacy Routine, work with Activities, write Thought Questions responses, or complete Reading Connections, they can track open and completed work by selecting My Lessons from the top of any page in the student Edition, then using the drop down at the top right hand side of the My Lessons section.  Choose the type of information to view using the drop down. For example, if the student chooses Lesson Progress, she will see a column for each of the 5 steps and an indicator for work started and work completed for each step of current and past Articles.
Points and AchievementsPoints and Achievements are used to reinforce positive student behaviors.  Some of these are automatically awarded by the system while others are awarded by the teacher for completion of work.  A students points and Achievements are displayed on the Home Page of the student Edition.  Specific details for individual Achievements can be found by clicking the achievement icons on the Home Page. 
Stretch Lessons and ActivitiesThe Stretch Article provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate independence with complex informational texts. This gives students the option to work with the same article they saw in the Step 2 of the 5-Step Literacy Routine, but this time at their Stretch level. This encourages them to apply reading skills with material of greater complexity. The Stretch Activity measures student mastery of specific standards after reading the Stretch article.  The Stretch Article and Activity can be accessed from the Lesson Page by clicking on the tabs above the lesson content.
Challenge Articles The Challenge Lesson provides ELA test preparation, including multiple sources of information to give students opportunities to critically evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources, as well as practice with technology enhanced items. Each Challenge lesson also includes the 5-Step Routine, including an Activity that incorporates technology-enhanced items. Teachers can schedule Challenge Articles and Activities for students using the My Lessons feature.