Locating Teacher Materials

There are a great many resources provided to help teachers prepare the lesson, address special learning needs, and reinforce instructional strategies. The chart below highlights the most common materials and their location.

Feature        Location
Standards for the Featured Lesson are linked on the Home Page.  The Standards link is also available in the Teacher Materials section of the Lesson page.  Standards are aligned at the State level, the Common Core State Standards (if appropriate), and cover multiple subject areas.
Curriculum KeyThe Curriculum Key for the Featured Lesson is linked on the Home Page as well as within the Teacher Materials section of the Lesson page.  The Curriculum Key provides the key concepts for the Article, discussion opportunities, materials to support the Poll question, and suggestions for adapting the lesson for students with special needs.
Activity Answer KeyThe Activity Answer Key is in the Teacher Materials section of the Lesson page. Answer Keys are available for the Activity, the math item, and the Stretch Activity.
SearchSearch can be accessed by clicking the search icon at the top of any page within the Teacher's Edition. Search allows you to locate lessons that align to a specific theme, standard, or instructional strategy.  You can also search for more lessons in My Lessons.
UnitsThe Units feature can be accessed from within My Lessons.  You can choose from a selection of pre-made units or create your own unit aligned to a specific theme, subject area, or standard.
Instructional Strategy for the LessonThe Strategy aligned to the Featured Lesson is provided on the back side of the Lesson card.  A link to the Strategy Lesson is also available in the Teacher Materials section of the Lesson page. Each Strategy link includes a lesson plan that can be used to provide direct instruction on the specific instructional strategy that is most strongly aligned to the Lesson.
Resources for Special Learning NeedsFor schools that have purchased  Achieve3000 Pro, Boost, Access and español, we provide specific recommendations for struggling readers, English Language Learners, and students performing above grade level.  These recommendations are included in the Curriculum Key for the Lesson as well as the Teacher Materials section of the Lesson Page.
Test Preparation Supports   To assist in preparing students for high-stakes testing, Achieve3000 provides teachers with embedded supports within the lesson steps. Test preparation recommendations are provided to the right of lesson for the Article, Activity, Thought Question, and Stretch Article tabs. Test Preparation support is also provided for Challenge Lessons.
The 5-Step Literacy Routine   The 5-Step Literacy Routine is a simple approach that supports students with the development of the skills they need for success in college and career, including the reading of complex texts independently.  Each step reinforces specific literacy skills and standards.  For more information, watch this demo or visit The Achieve3000 Hub.  (To access The Achieve3000 Hub, open the menu ≡ and select The Achieve3000 Hub from the Learn section.) 
Lesson VocabularyEach lesson highlights specific vocabulary, which will differ based on the reading level of the article.  When previewing the lesson, the vocabulary is provided in the Supporting Resources section of the Lesson page.
Career CenterThe Career Center is available by selecting the Resources option at the top of any page within the Teacher's Edition, and selecting Career Center.  The Career Center helps students to see the education requirements for many careers, which can help them to set reading goals and prepare for success after high school.  Watch this demo for an overview of the Career Center.
Writing CenterThe Writing Center is available by selecting the Resources option at the top of any page within the Teacher's Edition, and selecting Writing Center. The Writing Center provides additional materials to support both formal and informal writing tasks, including expository writing and test preparation.
Reviewing Student WorkAs students complete Activities, Thought Questions, Math questions, and Reading Connections, teachers can review, score, and send feedback to students for submitted work.  Access all completed work by selecting Admin from the top of any screen within the Teacher's Edition, and selecting Student Work.  For work completed in conjunction with a Lesson, use the My Lessons drop down to chose the type of work to review.  For other types of work, choose the appropriate option from the choices provided.
Challenge LessonsThe Challenge Lesson provides ELA test preparation, including multiple sources of information to give students opportunities to critically evaluate information from multiple sources, as well as practice with technology enhanced items.  The Challenge Lesson content will be included in the My Lessons section.  You can easily revise the default schedule by going to the menu (≡) and selecting My Lessons from the Schedule section or by clicking the Schedule My Lessons button in the Lessons section on the home page. Once you’re in the My Lessons section, use the date fields to modify the start and end date.
Stretch Lessons    The Stretch Article and Activity can be found on the Lesson main page by clicking the designated tabs.  The Stretch Article and Activity provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate independence with complex informational texts. This gives students the option to work with the same article they saw in the Step 2 of the 5-Step Literacy Routine, but this time at a higher Lexile level. This encourages students to apply reading skills with material of greater complexity.  
Achieve3000 Hub
The Achieve3000 Hub is your destination for on-demand resources, tips, planning tools, and more to support success with Achieve3000 solutions!  Access this site from your Teacher's Edition Home Page by expanding the menu and clicking the link in the Learn section or through this direct link.
Teacher ResourcesTeacher Resources can be found by opening the menu (≡), and selecting Teacher Resources from the Plan section. Teacher Resources contains instructional resources, such as lesson plans and graphic organizers, that can be used to supplement your lessons.  
Schedule My LessonsYou can easily schedule specific Lessons to be delivered to students on a set schedule.  Access My Lessons by opening the menu (≡),. and selecting My Lessons from the Schedule section or from the Lesson carousel. Here, you can see the current schedule and edit or add to it. Lessons found through Search or added through Units are also visible on this page.  For more information about the resources available for curriculum planning, watch this demo.