Grading Thought Questions

To access Thought Question Grading:
  1. Log in to your Achieve3000 Teacher’s Edition.
  2. Click the A+ Grading icon at the top right of the Home Page or use the left nav menu to navigate to Grade > Student Work.
  3. The Grading page is controlled by the class selector dropdown at the top of the page.  Use the dropdown to select the class for which you want to grade Thought Questions.
  4. Use the date filter to select the date range for which you want to see submitted Thought Questions. You can select any dates within your school year. The default start date is one month back from today’s date and the default end date is today.
  5. The By Student list includes all students who are currently enrolled in the class you have selected. Click on a student’s name to populate the main grading panel with the Thought Questions submitted by that student. If the student has submitted Thought Questions for more than one lesson, the lessons will appear in a dropdown next to the student’s name, listed from earliest date of submission to most recent.
  6. The Student Response window contains the text submitted by the student. You can review the Prompt the student responded to by expanding the Prompt      area. You can refer to the Lexile-leveled version of the article the student read for that lesson by clicking the Article button at the top right side of the grading panel.
  7. If a student has submitted more than one response for the same Thought Question, these will appear in numbered tabs (Response 1, Response 2…) from left to right in the grading panel, with the earliest response listed first.
  8. Use the Teacher Comments area to type any written feedback to the student on their Thought Question submission. The grading toolbar can be used to award grades, points, and achievements. At least ONE type of input (written feedback, grade, points, or achievement) is required before a submission is considered “graded”.
  9. Once you have completed your input on a given submission, click the “Send to Student” button to finalize your input.
  10. You can review your input in the Thought Question report, available under Student Work in the Admin section.