Importing Your Comprehensive Data File

To get started creating your MAP Informed Learning Path, you will need to upload your NWEA student data into Achieve3000.  This can be easily accomplished by following the simple instructions for creating the Comprehensive Data File from your NWEA interface, then importing that file into Achieve3000. 
Please note: If you are a new customer, you will need to wait until your school, class, and student data have been set up in Achieve3000 before you import your NWEA MAP data.
Step 1: Prepare Your NWEA MAP CDF Upload File
  • Create your Comprehensive Data File from the NWEA Dashboard. If you need instructions, please reference the document: NWEA Guide to Dashboard Reports
    • NOTE: Chicago Public Schools accounts will need to complete an additional formatting step to ensure your customized CDF will import into Achieve3000. These instructions are found in the document titled: Achieve3000/CPS CDF Template Instructions
  • Save the CDF file to your computer as a .csv file.
Step 2: Import the File to Achieve3000
  • Log into Achieve3000 using a District or School Administrator login. Click on your name at the top right and click Admin Settings. Under School heading, click Import NWEA Comprehensive Data File (CDF).
  • If you are associated to multiple schools, use the drop down to select the school you want to import data for and click Browse to navigate to the CDF file you want to import. Select the file you saved in Step 1 and click Import File.  Please note that each time you import the CDF you will replace any previous NWEA MAP results that have been imported.
  • The system will display a list of students that matched the data in Achieve3000 as well as a list of unmatched students. Use the Export csv file button to create a list of unmatched student IDs for your reference. You will need to update those separately and re-import the file.
  • Click Confirm to import all matching records.
Step 3: Reconcile Unmatched Student IDs
  • There are multiple reasons why a student ID did not match:
    • Student(s) listed in the CDF are not using Achieve3000.
    • Student ID listed in the CDF does not match or is missing from the student ID in the student’s profile in Achieve3000.
  • Review the list of unmatched student IDs you saved in Step 2 to determine which student profiles need to be revised. You only need to revise the profiles for students who will be using Achieve3000.
  • To edit the student ID field for a particular student, start on the homepage and select Admin. Then, click User Administration and Edit student and teacher information.
  • Once you have corrected all unmatched student IDs in Achieve3000, you will need to upload the entire CDF file again using the steps above.