Accessing Your Informed Learning Paths

Once you have imported your Comprehensive Data File into Achieve3000, you are ready to begin to review student data and see the correlation between student performance data from the MAP assessment with Achieve3000 lessons.  The NWEA MAP and Achieve3000 Instructional Learning Path provide teachers with instructional recommendations to differentiate the direct instruction of each skill and concept across RIT bands, helping to make MAP data actionable and further inform instruction while saving teachers planning time.
To generate the Informed Learning Path:
  1. From the Teacher's Edition, select Admin > Performance Reports.
  2. Select the report titled How can I differentiate my instruction based on NWEA MAP assessment results?
  3. Select the grade and class you wish to see and click View Report.
  4. The resulting report will show you a Class Breakdown by RIT for the selected class.  You will see the students in the class and how they performed across the RIT bands for each of the goals of Informational Text and Foundational Skills/Vocabulary. Students are automatically grouped based on their performance on each goal. This grouping provides the teacher with an easy way to work with the students based on their performance on the skills and concepts within each goal.  Click View for the goal and RIT band you wish to review more closely.
  5. Now you will see the Informed Learning Path for that particular goal and RIT band.  Within the goal, you see a list of Skills and Concepts broken into 2 groups those that are ‘developing’ and those that need to be ‘introduced’.  You can Assign Lessons, view the Instructional Recommendations, or view the Skill Progression by clicking the designated link.
  6. If assigning lessons, you will select the lessons you wish to assign to each student, select the date of delivery of the lesson, and add any special instructions or message for the students(s). 
  7. Click Assign Activities when finished.  The lesson will be delivered to the students' email box on the selected day at the students' specific Lexile level.