Student Career Center

The Career Center is designed to provide students with career information and help them track the Lexile progress required for the careers of their choice.  It provides the students with a list of careers to explore and is intended to help motivate students to works toward a career goal. The Career Center provides students with their current Lexile level and the entry level Lexile score required for their selected career along with a description of various careers.  It also provides students with a summary of the educational requirements for each career.  In the Student Edition, students can also select a Top Career and track their ongoing progress towards the Lexile range for the selected career.

To access the Career Center from the Student Edition:
  1. At the top of any Student Edition screen, select Resources then choose Career Center.
  2. Click one or more of the career categories to open the category and see the specific careers within that group..
  3. Select one or more of the careers listed and click Find Careers to see the details for the selected careers.
  4. Review the details for each career, including a summary, the Lexile range, and the educational requirements for the selected careers.  You can also see your progress towards that career using the thermometer graphic.
  5. To track your progress towards a specific career, select the Mark as Top Career button.  Your top career selection is now visible on the Home Page in the dashboard, where you can also track your progess towards the Lexile goal for that career. 
  6. You can change your Top Career at any time by going back to the Career Center and searching for another career. When selecting another Top Career, click Mark as Top Career and confirm your new selection.