Student Edition

In the Student Edition, your students can complete the 5-Step Literacy Routine, a proven method for improving literacy levels. Using the Student Edition, students also have access to Stretch and Challenge lessons, can complete the LevelSet assessment and writing activities, use Search to find additional readings, and depending on the permissions you have set, they may do things like select an avatar, email others in their email community, play games, and participate in the stock market and contests.
In addition to the browser version, Achieve3000® also has an iPad® app and a Chrome app, providing students with even more opportunities to use Achieve3000. Achieve3000 student subscribers can use our differentiated literacy solutions anytime, anywhere — even without an Internet connection.  The app is free to all customers with KidBiz3000®, TeenBiz3000®, and Empower3000™ subscriptions.  Getting started is easy! Students just download the Achieve3000 App, log in with their existing Achieve3000 username and password, and choose their class.  Want to see our mobile apps in action?  Watch this iPad demo or this Chrome demoFor more information about our mobile apps, please visit the Achieve3000 Hub and select Manage Devices from the main page.