Student Lesson Navigation

The Lesson page provide students with the content assigned by the teacher.  There are a number of features included in the Lesson Page, including the primary mode of navigation to each of the steps in the 5-Step Literacy Routine, the Poll results, and the Stretch Article and Activity.  To see a larger version of the image below, click the picture.

Class Selector  Use the drop down provided to preview content specific to one of your classes.  
Lesson Steps  Click the tabs to navigate through the 5-Step Literacy Routine, access the Poll results, and review the Stretch Article and Activity. If the student is enrolled in any of the solution for special needs students and receives any of the additional features, like numbered steps or audio support for the Article, those features will be visible in or near this section.

Audio Tools  Use these controls to hear the text of the page through headphones or speakers.  You can highlight specific text to be read, hear the entire text, and adjust the speed of the narration.
Highlighting Tools  Students can use these tools to support their close reading of the text. They can highlight specific types of text in one of three colors, can delete highlighting, or can gather all the highlighted text into a separate window for copying and pasting into another document. Highlighted text will remain in place even if the student logs out of the system.
Supporting Materials This section of the screen contains a number of resources to help students when engaging with the lesson content, including the Vocabulary featured in the article and Extras that supplement and extend the lesson.