Home Page Navigation

Navigating through the Teacher's Edition is simple! Use the diagram and information below to help orient yourself to the Home Page of the Teacher's Edition.  To see a larger version of the image, simply click on the image.  

Home  Click on the product logo to always come back to the home page.

Edition Icon – An icon that shows you the state or international edition you are using. 

Mailbox, Notification, and Grading Icons – Click on these to be taken to your mailbox, the notification center, or the grading pages to grade student work. The Notifications Center will alert you to messages that were formerly delivered as pop ups.  

Content Selectors  Use these controls to change the student content you are previewing.  You can select a specific Lexile level, select Intervention, Enrichment, or Language options, as well as the specific language to preview. 

Admin Settings & User Profile  Click on your name to edit your user profile, make changes to user and class information, get help and logout. 

Grade/Class Selector – Use the drop down provided to preview content specific to one of your classes.  The class chosen at login is shown initially. 

Menu ≡ – Click the menu to open the menu for quick access to professional learning opportunities, curriculum and planning links, scheduling lessons, reports, and student centers like Career and Writing. 

Maximizing Impact Section  Dynamic messages for you, focused on giving you additional learning opportunities and product knowledge. 

Lessons Section – This section of the Home Page highlights the lesson scheduled for the current day.  Links to additional teacher materials, such as the Curriculum Key and Standards. Click on the Flip Lesson card icon to see more information. If more than one lesson is scheduled for today, you can click the other images in the carousel or use the lesson dots to jump to a new lesson.

Key Insights section – Here, you can get quick access to up to 4 key metrics about your currently selected class. Each infographic provides you with an insight related to your class performance and links to a more detailed report. This section also provides important LevelSet and Lexile alerts.

Celebration and Success – This section provides you with information about ongoing contests, student winners, the scoreboard and all the rules for earning points and achievements.