Lesson Navigation

There are a number of great tools available to you to preview lessons, design supplemental instruction, and help provide supports to your students with specific learning needs.  Review the graphic and information included below to orient yourself to the Lesson page and its resources.  To view a larger copy of the picture below, click the image.

Class Selector – Use the drop down provided to preview content specific to one of your classes.  By default, the "all classes" option will be selected.

Content Selectors – Use these controls to change the student content you are previewing.  You can select a specific Lexile level, select Intervention, Enrichment, or Language options, as well as the specific language to preview. 

Lesson Steps – Click the tabs to navigate through the 5-Step Literacy Routine, access the Poll results, and review the Stretch Article and Activity.

Supporting Materials – This section of the screen contains a number of resources to help you prepare and teach the lesson.  Test preparation recommendations, specific to the state/territory, are provided for the Article, Activity, Thought Question, and Stretch Article tabs. Teacher Recommendations help you introduce the lesson or address the instructional focus.  Teacher Materials, such as answer keys, the Curriculum, Key, and the Standards provide supplemental information to help you prepare and deliver the lesson. Specific adaptations for struggling readers, English Language Learners, and enrichment students are included here as well.  The Vocabulary section contains all the words highlighted in the article, including audio support.  The Extras supplement and extend the lesson.